My name is Alexa Ard, and I am a national video producer for McClatchy. I cover national breaking news, and I produce videos for McClatchy’s 30 local newsrooms across the country, including The Miami Herald and The Sacramento Bee. I’ve also worked on the McClatchy Studios’ team to produce a 10-episode documentary series called The War Within. The series was recognized by The White House News Photographers Association’s 2019 Eyes of History: Multimedia Contest.

I am also the recipient of a ‘People’s Voice’ Webby – Best Use of Interactive Video for my work on a collaborative McClatchy project called Trump’s Inner Circle: The Ties to Russia.  

Before joining McClatchy, I worked with translators to produce multimedia content for a bilingual website called Noticiero Móvil and traveled to Trinidad and Belize for a nonprofit called the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF). I created two short documentaries about the work PADF was doing in those countries. My work has also been published in USA Today, the Reno Gazette-Journal, News21 and Reno Public Radio

Through journalism I want to help people feel heard and stay informed. And, if possible, I’d also like for my work to create positive change in some way.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter @Alexa_Ard

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