Arts & Culture


I pitched the idea to do a video about a Juneteenth celebration in Reno, Nev. to my editor at Noticiero Móvil, a bilingual news site that focuses on minorities and delivering news in English and Spanish to Northern Nevadans. I wanted to do this story because I noticed not a lot of people know what Juneteenth is. After pitching the idea, I worked as a one-woman crew to film and edit this story.

What it means to be female in mariachi

Once news was out that Flor de Toloache was performing at Reno’s annual art festival called Artown, my editor at Noticiero Móvil knew we had to do a story about them. They had been featured on major news outlets like NPR and The New York Times.

I interviewed the mariachi group and filmed their rehearsal and performance at Artown. I edited the video together to come up with the final story above.

Bboy Culture

I filmed, edited and directed this video as a passion project about the bboy scene in Reno, Nev. I enjoy highlighting the unconventional, and breakdancing isn’t something you see a lot of in Reno. I wanted to highlight the dance through the story of this Reno bboy named James “Kimo” Huliganga.

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