The War Within

Three soldiers went to Afghanistan, and three different people returned home to the United States. They each came back with the unseen effects of war. This was the premise of the 10-episode docuseries The War Within, which published weekly on Facebook Watch from November 2018 through January 2019. As the Associate Producer for this project, I had a hand in pre production, production and post-production. During pre-production, which started in August 2018, I found the female veteran, Assal Ravandi, that is highlighted in this series. 

Along with scheduling and organizing shoots, I filmed a few of the scenes that take place in North Carolina and Washington, D.C. I was one of the editors as well during post-production, and I played a large role in the organization of all production assets, which included music, archival video, audio files and other effects that were utilized to help the story come to life through video. You can view the series on the McClatchy Studios Facebook page or on Amazon Prime

Trump’s inner circle: The ties to Russia

Trump’s Inner Circle: The Ties to Russia is a collaborative project between McClatchy’s video team and investigative team. It breaks down the Trump-Russia investigation into profiles and timelines of key players under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The project is the winner of a ‘People’s Voice’ award in the 2019 Webbys for Best Use of Interactive Video. I was responsible for building and editing the videos featured in this interactive web that you can view on McClatchy DC or on Verse.

Military recruitment strategies evolve for younger generations

I was assigned to edit a video that could publish with McClatchy DC reporter Tara Copp’s story about military recruitment trends across the U.S. I pitched the angle for the video, wrote a script, produced motion graphics, narrated and edited this piece titled Military recruitment strategies evolve for younger generations, which was published to all 30 of McClatchy’s newsrooms, and in the lead of Tara Copp’s story.

From Eisenhower to Obama, Charlie Brotman’s front-row seat to inaugural history

Charlie Brotman was the presidential inaugural parade announcer since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957. One of my McClatchy colleagues and I worked as a two-person crew to interview Brotman, along with setting up the interview shot and filming it.

Afterward, I went through the interview, compiled archival footage to go with Brotman’s story and edited it together. The finished piece was published a couple weeks before President Donald Trump’s inauguration and went with several stories about Trump’s inauguration and the inaugural parade.

Should Lolita be freed? What’s next for her and other large marine mammals in captivity.

After a lifetime in captivity, the window for freeing Lolita, the Miami Seaquarium’s star orca, may be closed, activists say. As the campaign to free her continues to rage, they question whether freeing Lolita is in her best interest.

“Should Lolita be freed? What’s next for her and other large marine mammals in captivity,” was specifically produced for McClatchy’s newsroom The Miami Herald, but it was also picked up by others like The Bradenton Herald. I edited the footage and hunted down archival video and photos to incorporate. I also produced the graphics in the story, and I narrated it.

Ego, money and politics: Americans who spied for Russia

From the 20th century to the present, Russia has been the primary beneficiary of American espionage. Here’s a look at the most memorable offenders, from Aldrich Ames of the CIA to Robert Hanssen of the FBI. 

Ego, money and politics: Americans who spied for Russia was published in stories that went across the 30 newsrooms that make up the McClatchy network, including As U.S. indicts foreign hackers, American cyber spies fear arrests in tit-for-tat action and Punish Russia for spy murders, or prepare to face bolder Putin attacks. I carried out all aspects of production of this video, from scripting, to filming the interview and producing the graphics.


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